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UNPARALLELED Security Features

Sky ECC takes private messaging to the next level with better-than-enterprise-grade encryption, brute-force protection, and secure devices running on a protected global network. Sky ECC has all the features you’d expect in a secure messaging platform and some features you didn’t even realize you needed to be secure.

Secure Devices

Secure Devices

Sky ECC is installed on devices with tamper resistant chips compliant with strict security standards.

Secure Network

Secure Network

Our private global network of servers means Sky ECC works wherever you are. Always on. Always secure.

Secure Messages

Secure Messages

Your messages are private, secure, and encrypted with 521-bit ECC. We can’t ever read your messages.

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Product Features

End-to-End Encryption

Most private messaging solution available with triple-encrypted messages, encrypted metadata, and nothing stored on our servers.


Sky ECC’s secure, distributed global network protects you wherever you are in the world. Our SIMs connect through a private tunnel to our servers to prevent eavesdropping at every level.

Sky ECC device

Tamper-resistant Hardware

We only use devices with hardware security to protect users from tampering attacks. Attempts to bypass hardware security, disables the device to factory settings


We use managed devices to you don’t have to worry about device security. Sky ECC devices disable features that pose a risk to your privacy and security.

About Global Wireless Consulting

Global Wireless Consulting

Global Wireless has been in the PGP / Secure Messaging space for over 10 years. We’ve’ been deeply involved with security, devices, and encryption space for much longer.
Today, security is essential and highest priority for all. Documents, financial, personal, all require heightened levels of security.
The privacy and security solutions from Global Wireless provide security for your communications, your devices, and your business.

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